Pastry Cream Filling

Vanilla Pastry Smooth and creamy

Chocolate Pastry Rich and delicious

Double Chocolate Layers of  chocolate pastry cream and chocolate ganache

Lemon Raspberry or Blueberry

A combination of our lemon curd and a puree of your choice layered with our vanilla pastry cream

Lime Basil Strawberry or Raspberry 

A combination of our lime basil curd and a puree of your choice layered with our vanilla pastry cream

Fresh Strawberry Fresh cut strawberries layered with our vanilla pastry cream and whip cream

(Seasonal May thru August)

Chocolate Banana Layers of  vanilla and chocolate pastry cream with fresh cut bananas and soaked in banana liquour

Apple Cinnamon Layers of chunky apple pie filling and vanilla pastry cream 

(Seasonal Sept thru December)

Pumpkin Spice Layers of  vanilla pastry cream with pumpkin puree and pumpkin cream cheese. 

(Seasonal Sept thru December)


Pecan Caramel Layers of crushed toasted pecans mixed with chocolate pastry cream and drizzled with caramel


Chocolate Hazelnut Layers of chocolate pastry cream mixed with crushed roasted hazelnuts and soaked with frangelico 


Dulce De Leche Layers of vanilla pastry cream drizzled with dulce de leche 

Espresso Layers of espresso and Kahlua pastry cream and soaked with espresso

Cream Cheese Icing The classic cream cheese icing infused with vanilla 

All buttercream fillings are made using our swiss meringue butter cream

Create your cake     
Choose a cake option | Pick a pastry or butter cream filling

One flavour and filling is included with each order. 
Additional flavours are $25.00

Butter Cream Filling

Vanilla Bean Smooth and  creamy Madagascar vanilla


Nutella Rich and decadent with Nutella 

Chocolate Rich and creamy with a milk chocolate ganache


Strawberry A refreshing and creamy consistency  

PB & Jam Peanut butter and strawberry or raspberry Puree


Espresso A shot of espresso and splash of Kahlua 

Vanilla Cake Light and fluffy vanilla layer cake

Chocolate Cake Rich and decadent choclate layerd Cake

Marble Cake A combination of chocolate and vanilla layered cake

Red Velvet Cake Deep red layered cake made with real beet puree

Pumpkin Spice Cake Pumkin puree and cinnamon infused cake soaked with spiced rum

(Seasonal Sept thru December)

Carrot Cake Carrot and walnut puree cake soaked with spiced rum

Cake Options

Popular Combinations

           Vanilla| Lime basil strawberry           Chocolate| Pecan Caramel

           Vanilla| Dulce de leche                        Chocolate| Nutella Butter cream
           Red Velvet| Cream cheese                   Marble| Vanilla & chocolate pastry

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